Social Lounge

The relaxation and entertainment is the most important part of all the sportsmen and women. The management of Punjab International Sports Complex knows its importance and therefore, they introduced a concept of Social Lounge where all the swimmers enjoy and spend some time with their friends and colleagues. It is a place where they can also meet with their friends who are not related to swimming as well. The most important thing of this Social Lounge is that you can make your mind as well for further training and physical activities again.

The importance of this social lounge cannot be ignored as these social places are considered very essential to improve the personalities of the players. The social gathering help the players to get motivation from others, improver their communication and interpersonal skills and make their mind to for next steps of mental and physical training and upcoming events.

Salient Features

  • Executive Lounge
  • Luxurious Environment
  • The Best Place in the city for Social Gatherings
  • Attractive Location
  • Well Organized Service Area
  • A Wonderful Kitchen with Latest Facilities
  • Excellent Food Quality