Video Analysis

This is a common practice in the international world that every sports complex and gymnasium has a Video Analysis Room, which is considered a war room due to its importance in the career development of any athlete, swimmer or any other sportsman or woman. This trend has now been introduced by the Government of Punjab in Punjab International Swimming Complex where you will be able to find out your advantages and deficiencies to make you a better swimmer.

If you want to be a good swimmer, you must know how your body moves in the water, what you do while you push your body ahead or how you return after completing the lap, you have a need of the video analysis room which is available for you in Pakistan’s first world class swimming complex where it is being tried to develop world class swimmers with maximum facilities and features of international standards.

Salient Features

  • Latest Equipment
  • Fully Functional Computing System
  • Sitting Capacity of more than 10 people
  • A Wide Screen for analysis
  • Step-by-Step Video Analysis